A bit Hungover so a trip to the Flicks! – Day 205 – 11 August

Today when we woke up, well to be more specific, when I woke up, I was suffering from last night’s excesses with a bit of a bad head. Not an ugly head (though some may disagree) precisely but more of a pounding head. So we did not do a great deal during the main part of the day just read a bit and meandered about a bit sorting out things that we could get up to tomorrow.

The VW Beetle Cafe – well half and half!

The day was saved however by a trip to the very swanky mall that we went to yesterday to go to the cinema. On the way there we passed a cafe where the ‘sides’ of the cafe frontage were actually two halves of a VW Beetle – very strange!

A worse-for-wear ‘Me’ contemplating the seeing of Ted 2

At the mall we decided to go and see the film ‘Ted 2’ and to the uninitiated, the film is not unlike the Family Guy cartoon as it is by the same guy, Seth MacFarlane, so it is quite raucous and has plenty of bad language in it but it is very funny and as we are over 18, who cares about us watching it. It was, therefore, quite strange to see parents taking their seats in the auditorium with their young children, I am not sure whether or not the Laotian (or Chinese?) Mums and Dads had really understood what this particular ‘teddy’ film was all about. If you have not seen it, to give you an idea Ted and his mate do spend a lot of their time doing drugs and trying to have sex, not exactly the best thing for kids to see! Best line in the film (for me anyhow) was when – because it is Tuesday night – they say they are going up onto their roof to throw apples at joggers where the jogger walks out into the road and is hit by a cyclist – well that’s what I think happened anyhow! This film did to joggers what I believe we all want to do (well I believe it is what I want to do anyhoo … lol) – please Liz, can I go up onto the roof … lol.

A photo of me and Liz in bed – and yes I am the small hairy one

On the way back I managed to take a photo of the palace all lit up which looked really nice but we dare not stay out too late as we needed to be out early tomorrow as we wanted to hire bikes and go explore the city further.

The Palace looking very impressive!

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