A day of Rest in Luang Namtha – Day 221 – 27 August

Transport in down town Luang Namtha

We had envisaged that after our trek we would hardly be in any shape for much sightseeing today so we got up when our aching bodies told us that we had had enough rest and sleep and then took a bit of a (slow) stroll down the main street to have a look at what else we could get up to round here. So after our bit of a wander round the streets we found ourselves back at the same place that we had booked the trek that we had only just returned from. After a bit of umming and ahhing, an hour or so later we had signed ourselves up for a homestay doing a week of voluntary work, supposedly building chalets for a Laos Family! Our bodies did not take the news of our latest trek too well but at least our minds were looking forward to it.

We knew that whatever it was we had gotten ourselves signed up for that it would certainly mean hard work so we gave ourselves the rest of the day off for some extra rest and relaxation. So we went off back to the hotel and settled ourselves in. First up was a bit of trying to contact family back home and then we got together some of the little packs we have been sending our nieces, nephew and granddaughter, you know the kind of stuff – ticket stubs, postcards, leaflets and currency. We have been doing this in the hope that maybe some of our travelling bug will rub off, or if not that then at least they shall have a better idea of the places we are going to and the differences between these places and back home. I also spent a lot of time trying to upload photos to the ‘cloud’ in order to put more of our stuff in a ‘relatively’ safe place but this can be far easier said than done. So we Skyped my brother, who it turned out was soon to be going bouldering (climbing boulders I believe!) with his wife which sounded quite a novel way to spend the day, really cool. From what he told us everyone back home seemed to be coping well enough without us – it was less, ‘I wonder when Pat and Liz will be getting back?’ to more, ‘Pat and Liz who?’, oh well we are doing our Great Adventure for us not them I suppose and that is the way it should be.

Nicely rested though we ventured back out on the evening and although we were originally intending to pick a few tasty morsels up from the night market, Liz wanted to try this other place a bit off the beaten track – Lai’s place. This turned out to be a super place for a super meal even by the very high standards of what we had eaten in SE Asia thus far. Liz had herself a Red Curry whereas I opted for the Yellow option and alongside this we had Cabbage Rolls stuffed with beef and also Peanut Jeow – a Hot Satay-like sauce which was both very hot and very tasty. So it was that well filled after our meal, we had ourselves a quick couple of beers and then thought it prudent to get ourselves back to the hotel for an early night – who knows what tomorrow would bring!


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