A slow, slow Sunday – Day 224 – 30 August

Well I cannot say that I did not think this was going to happen but, as predicted we awoke this morning feeling just a ‘wee’ bit worse for wear. To be fair after the amount of rice wine that we had we were far better than I had actually expected. However, we were also feeling somewhat tired and worn out as, during the night, yet another bout of rain had descended so it had been a noisy and restless night for both of us.

The plus though, was that here in Laos as well as back home, Sundays just seem to be a bit of a day of rest – hoorah! This was good because the only thing we did to help anyone all day was a wee bit of bamboo chopping to make the bamboo suitable to be used as floorboards. Now this was quite tricky and very machete-ish as the bamboo had to be split along its length so that it could be open out to make the ‘boards’. The idea being to chop away without cutting right through the board and breaking in into two and whilst doing this, also trying to miss the old digits.

Kunten’s husband, not only an oasis of calm but could whittle you anything with his machete – he made me a Faberge Egg!!

Kunten then gave us some lunch, more greenery and flower (?) before we went back to our little hut to go and grab forty winks. I think she understood by our general lacklustre demeanour and our gesticulations – as well as her being present at last night’s all consuming rice wine consuming – that we were not at all at our very best today – how very perceptive!

We felt slightly better after our nap so went back to the restaurant where we met a couple of trekkers who had arrived, two young ladies from Belgium. We were fed by Kunten once more and as the night wore on we had a few games of Belgium-rules whist with them. The rules of their game were far different from anything we had played before and they even seemed to change as we were playing – tricky Walloons! This though made for us having quite a good laugh and we also answered a few questions they had about the English language and how many words sound the same but have different meanings – Aunt versus ant, and others. In truth they found it quite funny that two such ‘oldies’ as us were out and about in the World ‘backpacking’. We had our revenge though as when the night came to an end and we all went off towards our little huts we did make them feel sick by telling them we intended keeping them awake with our old and aged sex noises, at it like a couple of rutting … tortoises! Ahh the young, so quick to insult us but even quicker and easier to make them feel ill … lol! 1 – 0 England methinks!


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