Lao Lao 1 – Stupid Foreigner 0 – Day 228 – 3 September

Today I spent much of my day suffering from the fun and frolics of last night. The rice wine and Lao La had seriously taken their toll on my now aching head and body! Funnily enough my wife was none too pleased and showing me none of the sympathy I thought I deserved. Could it have been my shenanigans of the night before or the fact that I had woken up in such a bad state? I did need a bit more sleep though and this would help me keep my head down and off my wife’s radar for at least a small while.

The rest of the day was quite a day of rest really as I don’t think my body was up to doing much more, the most exertion me and Liz had was during a game of boule on the ‘pitch’ in front of the restaurant. Later on I took a couple of photos and even played a bit of Pacman on the phone – what a complete and utter waste of a day, no more Lao Lao for me I think!

At dinner we ate with the family and for a change there seemed to be loads of it as the breakfast that I had not been up in time for, was also included. As we got fuller and fuller the meal seemed to be getting spicier and hotter – phew too much for me!

It is quite a shame really as tomorrow would see us leaving these lovely people but the rest of the day was pretty much the same as the morning really except with less hangovers but only slightly less!


Both of these were taken last night, one of the photos is the ‘before’ and one the ‘after’ Lao Lao beer, dear reader can you guess which is which? … Lol!

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