Hospitals, Hairdos, Home and Her or Hims? – Day 232 – 7 September

Well today, as a follow up to the yesterday’s minor operation, we nipped back to the hospital. Now to be fair, once again, this was not quite as bad as it sounds. For all of the dead and dying queues of people strewn all over the building’s admission’s area – again, in we went and were done, dusted, examined, dressing changed, billed and all paid up and out again, all in about 30 minutes. Way to go Overbrooke Hospital, I have never been so quickly seen back home in Grimsby’s, Princess Diana Hospital! After our latest medical adventures though we came back to the hotel and then off to the hairdressers for my wife felt that she was in need of a cut and a colour. My budget does not even allow for one of these let alone both of them and you can tell this by the look of my unruly mop of hair methinks!

Looking like it was glowing hot!

From all of these spending excesses I needed something to help me recover, so we found an Italian restaurant offering a bit of a cheese board. The cheese choice and quantity given was not that great but in these somewhat Asian cheese-less times it was still a Godsend to us both but still another hit on my wallet – Doh! We felt that we needed something cheaper to re-set the balance of our financial equilibrium so off we went back to the hotel for a spot more Skyping to keep abreast of news back in our old town of Grimsby before having a bit of a rest and then coming too so we could get back out for the night.

Had to put a shot of it on a different colour so you can see the ‘magic’!

First we went for a bit of a stroll to the clock tower at the roundabout, a strange attraction you may think but it was quite extraordinary to look at and as music played and the cars whizzed round it, it would change colour! It was quite psychedelic but something a bit different to have a look over before we then went back to the night bazaar to check the other side of it out that we had stumbled across last night – the food court. Here the eating was simply great, we got ourselves a hotpot sometimes called a steamboat too. Anyhow whatever it was called it was another pot of delicious stocky goodness into which you put meats, noodles and lots of vegetables into. Okay such loveliness does come at a price but compared to what this kind of thing would cost back home, it was next to nothing and it certainly does a good job of sustaining a person – we could hardly move we were so ‘sustained’!

Not too sure about the sentiment this hotel was trying to advertise … lol!

In front of the food court was yet another one of the stages for the local ‘artistes’ but this time the acts were a wee bit raunchier in their delivery. Liz managed to find her own entertainment whilst all this was going on, her entertainment being the spotting of the lesser spotted (and greater sequinned) Ladyboys! Some of them seemed a lot easier to spot than others but my wife has her own technique which seems to consist of everyone being considered to be a Ladyboy until they produce evidence to the contrary! I think at one stage even I, her travelling companion and husband, came under her suspicious gaze until I managed to produce a very poor camel toe!!!! Don’t ask, anyhow it was really good not only watching the show but also watching the locals watching the show as well. The music was good enough but one of the Ladyboys was a comedienne and we were well out of our depths watching ‘her’ telling Thai jokes!! It was still a great night’s entertainment even though we probably had one or two more beers than we had originally intended.

The ‘Lady’ in the middle was rather an exuberant dancer who nearly knocked herself out with her boobs! I do hope they are under warranty!



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