A Day of Rest followed by a bit of walking down the appropriately named ‘Walking Street’ – Day 238 – 13 September

Today we contented ourselves with a bit of a day of rest, a day to rest and recover from the rigours of our past few days in Chang Mai. After a good night’s rest we awakened refreshed and then took our laundry out to be washed at a little laundry place down one of the small alley-like streets near the hotel. The laundry lady was a very little lady indeed and, strangely enough a Liverpool supporter who did not seem at all phased by the fact that her team had lost last night to their much hated foe – Manchester United. Obviously a woman with a great faith in her team.

You do have to watch out for the odd ‘Drive By Food Vendor’! Walking Street – street of a thousand tastes!

Laundry safely ensconced out of the way it was now time for breakfast at our little nearby eatery. A nice way to fill ourselves up before we headed back to the hotel and spend our time just doing a bit of chilling out. For most of the rest of the day we just relaxed and I spent a bit of time writing up some of my blog notes and even managed to get a couple of WordPress posts published before we ventured back out on the night time.

Walking Street, the street of a thousand colours!

Tonight we were going to be setting out for the sights, sounds and smells of the hustling bustling place that is Walking Street in Chang Mai’s Old Town. Walking Street is a great night out and melting pot for all of the right reasons as there are many different types of stalls. We saw (and smelt) some really intricate soap carvings, some quite unusual and colourful elephant paintings being painted in front of us at great speed and every now and again you would catch a musician playing something for money – really cool vibe. As ever, there are loads of food stalls, bangle stalls and stalls just selling bits and bobs of all sorts of touristy ‘tat’ which made us both smile. At one point whilst we were strolling along through the crowds the heavens suddenly opened up and the torrential rains just poured it down. Although it sent us running for cover, the locals are much more used to it all and instantly had on all sorts of rain gear designed to keep out the worst of the torrential downpour. Me and Liz, however had no such gear to do this, so we did what English people tend to do in such a crisis and nip to the shelter of the nearest pub!

My Chicky, sheltering from the rain – English-style! Lol!

However, when the rains had subsided enough, which came about strangely enough after exactly two Chang beers, we went back out onto the streets into the throng of Walking Street once more. Once back out Liz even managed to find herself a couple of new tops so a bit of a result there then. At one of the pubs there was even a live band on so we stopped awhile to watch and have a bit of a listen which was all good. Now during our Street wanderings we had managed the odd nibble of some of the street food being sold at a couple of the stalls but this had not been substantial enough for our wee bellies so on the way back to the hotel we stopped at a cheap noodle bar where I had some very nice Kao Soy – Curried Noodles – and some Pineapple and Liz had her newest favourite dish, Morning Glory with Pork. Both of our dishes had a fair old amount of chilli heat so by the end of it we were not only hot but stuffed as well – job done!

Walking Street – street of a thousand sounds!

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