Fishing out some Whoppers! – Day 237 – 12 September

Today we awoke feeling just a wee bit woozy from the Chang beers that we had consumed last night at the Muay Thai Boxing. We had booked to do some fishing but as this was not until later in the afternoon at 1pm we had plenty of time to de-woozify ourselves! We needed some recovery food so we went to a place that we had visited before but this time for a ‘Full English Breakfast’, classic recovery food. Whilst the food was great, a couple of Aussies on a table nearby started to get on my nerves as one of them would not stop banging on about just how very honest he was – always the sign of a wrong ‘un in my book!

Chang Mai Graffiti – always makes me smile

Somewhat recovered, we nipped back to the hotel where we were collected by a chubby little Thai guy who then took us round the city to pick up a Chinese couple and Yuki, a Japanese guy who was very lively and a great laugh as we were soon to find out at the fishing. We had no idea what to expect from the day’s fishing but were quite up for it. I had only ever been fishing twice before with my Dad and both times it rained, we caught no fish, the only thing we caught was a cold! Funnily enough as we arrived at the fishing pond the heavens opened here too – was this to be a bad sign I wondered? To think that I used to take the micky out of ‘Our Kid’ for him going fishing as I used to associate it with being something older people did and, in part to have a bit of a dig at my Little Bro, a never to be missed opportunity!

Yuki with the first fish of the day, exhausted because of the fight and his own excitement …lol!

By the time we had collected our rods and picked up some snacks for eating whilst fishing and then completed the short walk round to the other side of the pond the rains had subsided – Hoorah! Yuki who had not stopped for snacks was already over there, had practiced his casting and was actually in the process of catching his first catfish as we strolled up – a huge catfish! Yuki who always seemed a bit animated definitely ramped it up whilst catching the fish and it was absolutely gorgeous to watch, so very hilarious. Our turn next, we went to our position and the guide after putting bait on our hooks then taught us how to cast, now although it was a bit tricky after a few practice goes, we got the hang of it. Yuki catching his fish somewhat set the tone for rest of the day and after a while everyone was landing fish and they were huge catfish too. We would each catch a fish, land it and then the guide would take a photo of us holding it, which in some cases was quite a struggle because the fish were just so very big. Then the guide would help us put back the fish back and we would start all over again. Yuki was the funniest though as sometimes it really looked as if he would be pulled in and his excited screeching and screaming had us in fits of laughter. Both me and Liz caught some biggies of our own though and after a while you could feel your arms starting to ache, the bigger catfish were really heavy and the younger and smaller ones they would put up more of a fight! As soon as we cast out we were getting bites but the trick was to land the fish, this was much more difficult and by no means did we manage it every time but that made it a good challenge. By the end of the day we had both managed to land a good number of fish and our arms were feeling it but it had been a really good way to spend our day and no fish had been harmed in the process, though some of them did look a bit riled! Our guide swiftly enough returned us back to our hotel and on the night it was time to come back out and enjoy the nightlife a bit and alleviate our aching arms using a couple of beers or three and we told each other our fish catching tales … lol!

Liz almost buckling under the weight of this Whopper!

We ate at the European-style Food diner which we had been too on a couple of occasions by now and whilst Liz ordered the Thai Ribs I myself had the Cottage Pie which was delicious and certainly a taste of back home, both were excellent. The diner had numerous screens on with the English Premiership football on, this turned out to be a bit of a fly in the ointment for Liz though as Liverpool, her favourite team lost 3-1 to their old foes, Manchester United but as Everton beat Chelsea at least one half of the city would be happy.

Another huge fish, this time my turn to catch one!!

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