Ayutthaya – Ancient Capital of Thailand and Hangers, Hangers in the Room – Day 244 – 19 September

We awoke early today as we needed to get to the bus terminal to be off to our next destination … Ayutthaya. This journey had all been pre-arranged courtesy of our hotel and to be fair, it all went marvellously well. Our Tuk Tuk guy picked us up at the allotted time and from where he then dropped us off it was just the matter of a short walk and an equally short wait before our bus arrived and there we were perched on a First Class Bus and I was typing up these notes as we sped through the North of Thailand.

During our bus trip we passed though the town of Phitsanulok where they appeared to be holding a dragon boat race on the river. The boats were very colourfully decorated and for the race the monks even had an area for themselves, sectioned off so they could chant, scream and holla I suppose or perhaps they just get a bit rowdy! If we had known about this beforehand we could have stopped off here on the way it looked really cool.

A Little Beauty of a Room! I love a good window stencil!

It was not long though before we reached the drop off point because it turned out that Ayutthaya was another one of those places where the bus station was outside the town and boy do the taxi guys love this! Talk about this country being the ‘Land of Smiles’ our taxi driver bit not seem to have too much to smile about until he reached our hotel and then when he asked for his money … Bam … like 1000W lightbulbs … really how do they just switch it on and off like that?

Anyhow the disappointment of our falsely smiling taxi driver was soon enough turned around by the hotel room, which was a little beauty. The room had everything even coat hangers and a little area for drying clothes both of which Liz assures me are absolute essentials for any hotel room. It had been an early start and a long enough trip so by the time we had rested is was getting dark so it was time to get out and about!

Just down the street our hotel was on we nipped into a pub to watch a bit of footy and grab a beer before having ourselves a bit of a wander. The busy streets were well very busy indeed and the not so busy streets were …. well empty, really empty at that! After a bit of a stroll though we came across another pub but this one had quite a lively vibe going on, in fact everyone in Ayutthaya seemed to be here. The place had the Premiership football on their screens but also a live band (as opposed to a dead one?), even better eh! We got chatting to a few of the locals one of whom was a Manchester United supporter (argh!), a young lady who was allergic to beer but not allergic to studying for a Phd in Engineering and a couple of gay fellows, one of whom appeared to think that I was after him until I pointed my wife out to him. The other lad was one of the campest gays that my wife said that had ever come across – takes all sorts I suppose! Made no difference to us though we still had a great laugh with them all and by then end of the night we even had to turn down a lift from the first gay fellow as he had had quite a bit to drink and we wanted to arrive back at our hotel safe and sound, if a little tipsy.

My wife feeling somewhat overcome thinking of dear old Blighty! I console myself with a wee Beer … lol!





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