More Paddle Boarding and Liz makes a Snappy Catch! – Day 253 – 28 September

Even though it had felt like we had drunk far too much last night, we woke up today feeling fine enough! I had a shower in Neil’s outdoor rain shower which was brilliant both in terms of the shower itself and the liberating feeling of having my tackle out in the fresh air … lol! After we had all showered we had a bite to eat before moving the single bed from Sue’s mum’s old house to her new one.

Top shower … most invigorating!

Then Neil took us back off to the beach to do some more paddle boarding again. This time I started off on the more difficult blue board and for a while I got it, just me the board and the sea all in perfect harmony, then a very slight swell came up and I just could not stay upright on the board. It was still enormously great fun though and another beautiful day by the seaside. As the waves grew even bigger I still boarded but had to do it sitting down, which somewhat spoilt the aim of the practice of ‘Stand Up’ paddle boarding, so pricked by my conscience I would try to stand up and then fall in and so it would all begin over again! I even began to appreciate the falls and laughing along with them, maybe I could start a new sport Falling Off Paddle Boarding or FOP! The best and my own personal favourite was the fall where I managed to fall on the board face first – top fall!

Great hosts and great people, Sue and Neil! 

After the boarding it was then back to Sue and Neil’s holiday home for a wee bite to eat before setting off back to Freo via a quick side tour through the parts of Mandurah we had not yet seen and once again it impressed us even if it did seem like it would be an expensive place to live. We sat back and had quite a laugh at Neil and Sue who are quite a good double act when they get going, he manages to stay calm even under some quite intense provocation … lol!

I’ll make those bloody Poms walk the gangplank … or words to that effect. To be fair we were rubbish!

Back at our new home we stayed and rested up for a while whilst Sue and Neil nipped to a cousin’s to deliver some birthday presents. Once they were back though they wanted to take us both sea fishing on their boat – named The Sea Eagle. Well by now on this trip we had already caught our own bodyweight in Catfish in a lake so exactly how hard could this new form of fishing be for us ‘old hands’?

Liz appears to have caught something … Bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep (and other such swear words!)!

Neil’s boat was a really nice little thing and they told us how living here they would often just nip out in it to catch some snapper for the Barbie, what a great way to live eh! We did what we could to help get the sea-going-craft into the water but God only knows what we were doing – to be fair Neil was doing most of it all as in all of it all – Bloody Pommie Landlubbers eh!

Liz had finally sworn the fish out of the water. The fish looked stunned as it admired the beauty of the scenery out of the water before remembering it could no longer breath … and died. Alas poor fish!

It was great fun going fishing with them and not only that it was totally amazing scenery too. I am not sure but based on Neil’s radar thingumajig, fish catcher hardware we were nearing fish AND possibly on someone else’s patch too. Not that the Sea or Ocean is any one person’s to own but I am not so sure fishermen believe that to be entirely true and if one of them finds a spot it is theirs and theirs alone and here we were ‘on someone else’s’. It felt like poaching which as everyone knows this would make any fish we caught taste even better. We had a few goes each and to be fair although we could not cast as far as Neil at least when we cast the lures were leaving the boat, there may be a fish in it for us yet … lol! As the Sun started to go down so did Liz’s line, by golly she had a fish. We were not sure exactly about the correct etiquette for landing a fish but Liz incorporated swearing profusely to ‘encourage’ the fish to allow itself to be landed. In the Sea too the fish was being encouraged out of the water by a couple of small sharks which were after it. I suppose torn between a Tourettes inspired swearing Englishwoman and two sets of Sharky teeth there is to be only one winner and sure enough with the help of Neil’s skill on the landing net the fish was aboard. A big Snapper caught by a big Swearer, well I never! If it was to be that poor fish’s last moments before it expired then it was not at all too shabby as the Sunset was an even more beautiful red than the fish was. Now even though we did not catch anymore it had been brilliant fun, a great way to end an Aussie Bank Holiday weekend. We took a couple of photos of the victorious fisherwoman and then headed back in as the Sun dipped itself down into the cooling Sea and with its heat doused it was far too chilly to hang about on the water so back to port first and then back home after what had been a most exciting day with our hosts.


Sue smiling at Neil’s bum … she did a lot of this!! LOL


Australia, where the beers are as big as the sunsets!

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