Back to Freo and a big KISS! – Day 258 – 3 October

The morning arose so we thought that we would do the same! We were keen to get straight off down the road but events managed to somewhat conspire against us! So we cooked ourselves up nice bit of breakfast and then whilst we were trying to get our teeth cleaned … they appeared! Out of the early morning mists we first saw shapes and outlines and then we heard groans as the beings neared then we could make them out, it was the Grey Nomads! Like zombies smelling blood they shambled and stumbled towards us! Okay it was maybe not quite that dramatic but I am sure you get the picture.

The guy who first popped over for a chat was one of the Dennis’ posse, the old guy we had met last night. This new nomad seemed a nice enough guy chatting quite amiably about general travelling, then he started getting on to the subject of campsite owners (and others) who charge too much for things and then he broadened his tirade until anyone and everyone was fair game – a man with the odd issue or two. Then after he had left us it was then the turn of the Grey ‘nomadic’ ladies, they were all lovely really but they all had lots of advice and some of it seemed contradictory! Joking aside though, all of our visitors’ advice was greatly appreciated and we downloaded a couple of useful apps because of it! So it was that we finally left our latest camp quite a bit later than we had intended but it had been great to mingle with the grey folks as it were.

For such a long jetty there is only one way to travel and we picked the wrong one!

Our first stop was not too far down the road, at a place called Busselton. Here we took a bit of a stroll along the jetty and to be fair this was no mean feat as it was quite a decent length at 1.8km. Like Southend pier back home in England, Busselton jetty also boasted a train but we were out for a stroll not a ride, so stroll along it we did! Whilst walking we kept our eyes peeled for dolphins but anything would have been nice to see, we didn’t see a bean though. Busselton looked a nice enough place though and it seemed quite busy today, lots of people out and about. The walk had done us a world of good and blew away our remaining cobwebs.

We jumped back into the vanmobile and it was off up the coast to our next stop, a little place called Bunbury and here we stopped for a bite and a cup of tea on the seafront. The place was quite a nice little town but as the Australian Rules Football Final was on, the place was also a deserted little place as well. Here a company ran dolphin interaction tours but we had previously heard that these were quite commercial and trashy so we decided against booking anything here. So rather than that we just chilled out on the beach and as we did so, we saw some dolphins far out in the water. The dolphins were not up anything in particular but what is not to like about dolphins eh, even far off ones! Liz wandered along (the coast) following them on the sand, whilst I wandered along after Liz! They the dolphins submerged whilst my wife stayed on dry land, it was all going on here folks!

A bird on the sand … very atmospheric!

Bunbury ticked off our list, we headed off back towards home to our adopted family in Fremantle and because of the big game most of the roads were deserted so it was quite an easy journey. Once ‘home’ we had a nice bit of relaxing time with Sue and Neil and some people who had been invited round to a Barbie they were having whilst watching the big game. We asked what the game was like, and they were probably not just saying this because of the Dockers exit in the semis, but they thought it had been a crap game! So we chilled out and had quite a laugh with them about the game and music too, explaining to them about our imminent gig to see one of my favourite rock bands. It turned out that one of the guys had heard a rumour that Neil was actually the Love Child of Elton John!! Shocking revelation I know but surely people do not tell alcohol fuelled fibs at a BBQ do they? It was a great hoot with them all and a great warm up before then going out to see the band.

And on drums Peter Criss

We took the train to Perth and thankfully the arena there was nothing like as big as some of them back home in the UK. It was a really great place to see any band let alone one of my favourites. We were sat off in the wings at the side and whilst it would have been nice to be down with the crowds in the moshpit but we still had an excellent vantage point to see the night’s proceedings. The support act were the Dead Daisies and these were quite a good warm up to the main event, quite moderate rocky and got the head positively bopping – as a prelude to the full on head banging. God knows what I am babbling on about I have no hair to ’bang’ (lol) – it must be all the excitement.

Every Rock Cliche in the book and then some ….!

Then after they had finished there was a far too long pause in the proceedings before we heard the MC with the immortal ‘You wanted the best and you got the best, the hottest band in the world …. Kiss!’ and it literally all kicked off! Ok, now I might be a wee bit biased but these ageing rockers were every rock cliche in the dictionary and them some! They were all fully made up and played plenty of favourites to sing along with. There was lots of air guitaring – mine may have been out of tune but it went with my voice. If you want a band with new hits every year and who are growing old gracefully, you know toning it down a bit, playing acoustics or the blues and all that … well this is not for you! There was plenty of the three guitars posing at the front of the stage, Paul Stanley whizzing off by some foot trapeezey thing to another small stage for him to do a ballad and some audience interaction.

They are not called the hottest band in the World for nothing!

Gene Simmons giving the fans what they wanted fire breathing and spurting blood… quite horrific really. And that is not too mention all of the lasers, lights, fireworks, lifting stages and screens – it was quite frankly amazingly good entertainment. You may not like them but go with an open mind and you cannot help yourself, even the biggest cynic will get the joke and be treated to a sly smirk or two!! Only a couple of flies in the ointment, the first being Paul’s singing which was a tad below par on the top notes and on lead guitar they had Tommy Lee (I think) playing rather than Ace Frehley. The hype before the concert was all about the show being the original line up but the old spaceman was not included – pity really. Liz really enjoyed the concert too, so all in all it was an excellent night – One more off the Bucket List for me – Hoorah!

Perth Rock City!

On the way home I managed to get talking to a fellow music aficionado who was quite strange dude but certainly knew his music and had been to see some top acts in his time, I wished him well as we got off at Freo. Then, although it had been a top day it had worn us out so back to Sue and Neil’s for a good night’s kip.

Old Rockers never die, they just get more subtle!

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