Broome, larks in the Surf and an attempted Night Out! – Day 273 – 18 October

Compared to the rest of the campsite we actually seemed to be the last ones to be up and ‘at them’ as it were but perhaps it was merely them just being ‘early birds’. Today we would be taking the drive to Broome but this was not too far away so we were looking forward to it. First though I knocked us up a quick breakfast of Omelette with veggies in it just to make the eggs a bit more interesting and for some reason this morning the flies were keeping their distance today – must have been the new fly spray keeping them at bay.

More Termite Towers!!

Liz was taking care of the driving today so after we got the breakfast pots washed up we set off. The only stop before Broome being a quick petrol price check at a BP just before the town itself – it was cheap but not cheap enough for a couple of bargain hunters like us! As ever when we arrive at new places we head for the visitor centre but our visit to this one was a bit of a dry affair, there were no freebies to be had here – argh! However, we did find a possible place to rest up for the night and although the town’s brewery tour was not available and the Stargazing far too expensive for our tight little budgets, the Camel riding was on and appropriately priced so we decided to give this a go tomorrow.

So now that we had a bit of an action plan organised for Broome it was time to do something here now. So we decided that a trip to the town’s beach was in order – a Cable Beach nonetheless. We drove off straightaway and parked up at the beach car park. From here we got changed and went down onto the beach and there were loads of people about on the sands and in the water enjoy the beach as only Aussies can. We took ourselves on a bit of a gentle stroll along the beach towards where it was a tad deserted and came upon a person looking pretty much dead but after a while they surprised us by breathing. Here, we also saw quite a few Sandpipers these are the type of bird who, for some reason always seem to remind me of a British comedian called Max Wall and I am not even that sure why, must be their walk!! They would cautiously stride up to the edge of the water and as each new wave would come in they would then turn tail and scarper back to the sand. They must really hate the sea water between their little claws.

Me being Sandpiper in the background!

It was quite a warm and windy walk though as we soon found out when at one point we stopped and sat down and were in no time at all covered by sand it was that blustery. Walk done though and it was time to do the waves Brit-style which is awfully silly and involves lots of jumping over waves and the like but it is enormously funny and isn’t that what any time at the seaside should be about? It is quite a strange one though, we managed to lose ourselves in having a great time and that even made us forget about the stingers and sharks and box jellyfish and the like – easy eh!

The beautiful, beautiful beach, no wonder the Aussies love spending time out here!

After our playing about in the sea we got dressed and went and got ourselves some provisions before then rocking up at the campsite. Now this camp was quite a new experience for us in that it was a town camp strictly for backpackers so not quite as salubrious as I am sure the more upmarket sites were like but it did have all the amenities we could wish for, it just had more people dossing around it! Once parked up and set up we went for a walk through the site down to the seafront where we saw some Aborigines spear fishing in the sea which really must take some doing. If we had to eat by this method alone we would surely die of starvation! Here too we could also watch the beautiful Sea Eagles soaring above us, who I am sure also know a thing or two about obtaining food from the sea. So feeling slightly inadequate we went back to tuck into our provisions, which had been obtained much more easily but for more money too.

The end of the Campsite just right by the Sea!

After the wander out we had ourselves a really nice tea, some lamb steaks done on the griddle. Lamb seems to be much cheaper over here than back home in the UK, and we combined this with the last of the Kangaroo sausages and alongside this we had a nice big salad and some potato salad. I wondered to myself, not for the first time either, just why does everything taste so much better eaten outside? Well, we really thought we were the bee’s knees that is until we went for a beer. The first place we went to was shut and the second, an Irish bar, only had a couple of blokes in it so we went further on. We then saw a drive-in liquor store and thinking that it would be nice just to buy some beers and take them back to the van we took a wander over. We had also assumed that they would even serve people without cars, although it as it turned out we were quite wrong in this assumption as they only served people in cars and, for some reason, very close hotel residents!

One of the many ‘fishers’ by the Sea!

So this was how we ended up at a bar called Matso’s, quite a swanky looking joint, especially for us backpacking types. It was a micro brewery with the emphasis very much on macro prices, with a beer here costing the price that a small Armadillo would back home! But everyone was really nice and they even let us have a couple of tasters before we settled on a beer each so we had quite a nice chill and chat. The events at the liquor store must have affected us somewhat, as previously before coming out to Australia we assumed it would be a very easy place to get alcohol but this is not the case. There are quite a few rules attached and I am not so sure whether or not this is aimed at everyone in general or it targets more the indigenous people’s of whom it must be said, many of whom do seem to be quite alcohol dependent and this gives us both quite mixed feelings about the whole thing.




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