Knobs, Art and Amazing Lakes – Day 277 – 22 October

It almost seemed to be quite a shame in the morning to be leaving this lovely campsite, it had been just so very beautiful and our visitors, the kangaroos last night had been the icing on the cake. We then went off round the corner to go and take a look from the top of the somewhat unfortunately named Kelly’s Knob. At least that was what we had originally had in mind until we found that the top part of the viewpoint was quite a climb and even at this time in the morning it was still blisteringly hot, so we went across the road for a look at some Aboriginal art instead, much cooler.

Kelly’s Knob, not even sure which part Kelly is let alone his ………

The art gallery was only a small one but it was very nice with some very nice pieces at some very nice prices but I really enjoyed the Aboriginal art and their use of such bright colours. Now don’t get me wrong there was a lot of art there which was not so good, it seemed to me that they had allowed anyone indigenous to be exhibited regardless of how good they were but some of the work was excellent both in its form and its the use of colours too, if I had had the money and the means of getting such things home I could have gone quite mad. However, all my talk of art, it is wise for the reader to remember that all I know is what I like and what I do not, so that hardly makes me an art critic, more of a critical onlooker! One painter whose works I kept picking out as some that I really appreciated was a lady that I think was called Betty Mundamar who exhibited a similar style across all her art but it really did appeal to me. Much of the art exhibited also had tribal stories attached to them too, so it was also quite an interesting learning curve for us too. As we were leaving we bought my sister, who is all things art and fart in our family, a small piece for her to appreciate as only an artist can let’s hope she gets it in both senses of the word.

Love this stuff, the colours and shapes just seem to jump out at you!

After the art it was was now time to see something more natural in the way of beauty – trees to be precise, so we went to Kununurra’s Celebrity tree garden. Never in all my life had I seen so many famous trees in one place, well I could only guess that it was the trees because I can honestly say that I had never heard of any of the ‘famous’ people who had planted the trees. The trees did have some very nice inhabitants though, they just seemed to have attracted so very many different and colourful types of bird and we had ourselves a nice cup of tea whilst watching these noisy chirruping locals.

So many birds in the trees that these two had to stay down on the grass!

Trees done though it was now time to leave Kununurra and head off east towards Katherine, we did decide though that during the journey we had enough time for just a quick stop off along the way. So we took a little bit of a diversion and went to have a look at Lake Argyll. After all of the arid dryness of the other places we had seen along the way on our travels this place was a veritable oasis except that it was on an unprecedented scale and it really did catch us by surprise and take our breath away. The Lake looked like an inland sea it was that big and seemed to go on as far as the eye could see. It was a really beautiful and picturesque place and we could not wait to go for a boat tour or some other thing that would get us out on the waters of the lake … but unfortunately we had hit the place ‘out of season’ so the boat tours were very few and very far in-between, the next trip being much later, in the middle of the afternoon. It was a shame as we had places to go and …. so we decided instead to go and sit by the lake and admire the view before we then went for a bite at one of the rivers that flow into the lake.

So much water, this must be the reason everywhere else is so dry!

Food eaten, we bid our pinicking place adieu and off we went. We drove on towards our latest campsite which was quite a cool drive with some of the most excellent scenery especially around the Victoria River area. Along the way we stocked up at yet another roadhouse buying ourselves a few provisions and once again felt like we had just lost our shirts as it were. However, this place did have a bit of a difference in that the lady serving there was a bit of a grumpy dragonette! So what was the reason for us needing to stock up, it was because we had actually dumped some of our provisions previously at the crossing of the boundary between Western and the Northern territories.

The guard checkpoint, the guards must have been in hiding!

We had previously been told that border guards actually take your fruit and vegetables but we did not see a one, perhaps someone had been pulling our collective legs but maybe it had just been their day off!!

Much of our journey is like this, just beautiful!



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